Sustainable development goals’ 19 focus areas

By Macharia Kamau and Csaba Kőrösi • 03-03-2014
Sustainable development goals’ 19 focus areas

The OWG emphasized that eradication of poverty, inequitable development, as well as protection of the environment are amongst the most pressing sustainable development challenges facing humankind in this century.

The Group also reflected on the challenges that most states are facing due to inadequate means of implementation needed to achieve sustainable development.

While the Group recognized that there are ongoing efforts at all levels to address sustainable development challenges, it also emphasized that action on ambitious focus areas on sustainable development could raise the international profile of the issues and intensify actions to address them. The issues will have to be addressed in a comprehensive, holistic, balanced and integrated manner. The highlights are contained in the summaries that were issued at the end of the sessions to serve as aide memoire.

The following focus areas do not constitute a zero draft of the report that the Group has been mandated to submit to the General Assembly at its sixty-eighth session. While the focus areas are recommended for further consideration, they are not exhaustive. Therefore, they do not preclude inclusion of other issues discussed within the context of the thematic clusters but that may not have been captured here:

·         Focus area 1. Poverty eradication

·         Focus area 2. Food security and nutrition

·         Focus area 3. Health and population dynamics

·         Focus area 4. Education

·         Focus area 5. Gender equality and women's empowerment

·         Focus area 6. Water and sanitation

·         Focus area 7. Energy

·         Focus area 8. Economic Growth

·         Focus area 9. Industrialization

·         Focus area 10. Infrastructure

·         Focus area 11. Employment and decent work for all

·         Focus area 12. Promoting equality

·         Focus area 13. Sustainable cities and human settlements

·         Focus area 14. Sustainable Consumption and Production

·         Focus area 15. Climate

·         Focus area 16. Marine resources, oceans and seas

·         Focus area 17. Ecosystems and biodiversity

·         Focus area 18. Means of implementation

·         Focus area 19. Peaceful and non-violent societies, capable institutions


Access to detailed descriptions of the 19 focus areas here.

Mr. Macharia Kamau is Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kenya to the United Nations.

Mr. Csaba Kőrösi is Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Hungary to the United Nations.

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