Post-2015: Measuring the (real) scope of ambition

Barbara Adams, Gretchen Luchsinger • 07-04-2015
Post-2015: Measuring the (real) scope of ambition

The post-2015 development agenda aspires to global transformation. Its content so far, including the set of 17 sustainable goals (SDGs) agreed in last year's Open Working Group, affirms that aim through an unprecedented commitment to inclusion, sustainability and universality. This suggests that the world might finally move beyond current imablanced patterns of consumption and production that have left wide swathes of human deprivation and pushed the limits of planetary boundaries. Yet the main question, after the most recent intergonvernmental negotiations on the agenda in March in New York, is: will the political process live up to the agenda's promise?

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Tags: Finance For Development (FFD),Open Working Group (OWG) Process,Post-2015 Development Agenda,SDGs,sustainable development agenda